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JEH1001 - Comb This Comb Has It AllJEH1001 - Comb: Swarovski stones, freshwater pearls, Rhinestones and Porcelain flowersThis combs got it all, Swarovski stones, freshwater pearls, Rhinestones and Porcelain flowers. A June Ellen best seller, also comes on a band.

JEH1007 - Hair Comb Crystal Flowers And Love Heart LeavesJEH1007 - Hair Comb: Crystal Flowers And Love Heart LeavesGorgeous Bun/veil comb, made with the highest components, creates a romantic mood with the crystal flowers and love heart leaves.

JEH1016 - Hair Comb Slide In CombJEH1016 - Hair Comb: Slide In Hair CombSlide in comb, it will compliment all styles, made with high quality crystals and components, full of detail a must have item to stock.

JEH1018 - Hair Comb One Of Our FavouritesJEH1018 - Hair Comb: Stunning Hair Accessory - One Of Our Favourites A stunning hair accessory that’s not to be missed, a June Ellen best seller and office favourite, full of Swarovski stones.

JEH1019 - Hair Comb Subtle But StunningJEH1019 - Hair Comb: Subtle But Stunning Hair CombSmall and stunning this little hair comb oozes pure class, a delightful comb made with the best components.

JEH1021 - Hair Comb Eye Catching - Doubles As A BroochJEH1021 - Hair Comb: Eye Catching - Doubles As A BroochYou will love this small delightful hair piece it really catches the eye, full of high quality components, this comb doubles up as a brooch. A wonderful stunning family keepsake. Another must item for you to stock.

JEH1026 - Hair Combs The Wow FactorJEH1026 - Hair Combs: Wow Factor Hair Comb - doubles as a broochOutstanding hair comb, full of wow factor, thanks to the Swarovski and rhinestones it’s a stunning hair piece, also doubles up as a brooch.

JEH1029 - Hair Comb Elegant LuxuryJEH1029 - Hair Comb: Elegant Slide In Hair CombElegant slide in hair comb that doubles up as a brooch making it a wonderful keepsake, the AB crystals and Czech rhinestones make this a luxurious item.

JEH1044 - Hair Comb Veil - Bun Comb JEH1044 - Hair Comb: Veil  - Bun Comb This veil / bun comb really stands out, the eye-catching detail make it suit all styles and hair do's.

JEH1079 - Hair Comb Pretty Flower Buds - Veil - Bun CombJEH1079 - Hair Comb: Pretty Flower Buds - Veil - Bun CombPretty ivory flower buds and Swarovski crystal make this delightful modern veil/bun comb a truly memorable hair piece.