June Ellen Wholesaler and Manufacturer of Quality Bridal Accessories.

JE Wholesaler and Manufacturer
of Quality Bridal Accessories.

To open a trade account, place an order or ask a question please call our friendly professional team on 01472 371017. You can also email us on info@juneellen.co.uk. Thank you.

We hope you feel as passionate about our range as we do. While you wait for the new site and all our wonderful goodies here are a few examples from our Tiara range.

June Ellen are proud to present our carefully selected range of exquisite bridal accessories that will compliment any choice of style.

Tiara Ref: JET2001
Classic Style Tiara, adorned with high quality Rhinestones, suits all styles of dresses.

Tiara Ref: JET2003
This Graceful elegant Tiara is such a sweetheart, Ivory porcelain flowers are set around pearls, and Czech Rhinestones.

Tiara Ref: JET2005
Love hearts all the way with this sparkling Tiara consisting of elegant Rhinestones, very eye catching.

Tiara Ref: JET2006
Traditional Tiara that is full of detail, containing Rhinestones and Swarovski marquise stones.

Tiara Ref: JET2010
A stunning statement Tiara, absolutely exquisite, adorned in Swarovski.

Tiara Ref: JET2011
No attention to detail spared for this classic Tiara, made with the finest stones and Ivory beads.